FlowServe Pump (closed system)

Includes Micro-Matic fitting for a closed system

  • Complete 110 volt pump, pkg with ss auto nozzle $750.00
  • Complete 12 volt pump, pkg with ss auto nozzle   $695.00
  • Add an in-line meter to any of these packages for $150.00


Piusi Pump (closed system)

The heavy duty Piusi SuzzaraBlue self-priming membrane pump, available with a 110 volt or 12 volt motor, delivers 7-8 gpm. This system includes a Piusi K24 meter, 20’ delivery hose, stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle with swivel end, suction hose (1.5’ on drum, 5’ on tote) and mounting bracket (top mount for drum package, side mount for tote package). Also included is a stainless steel Micromatic RSV dispense coupler providing for a quick connection and drybreak release of the pumping unit from a closed solution 55 gallon drum, 275 or 330 tote. Packages are available with or without meter. Units come with auto shutoff feature after 7 minutes of operation.

  • 110v or 12v Tote or Drum Pump with meter Complete pump/meter/ss automatic nozzle/20’ delivery hose package $ 1,050.00
  • 110v or 12v Tote or Drum Pump without meter Complete pump/ss autoatic nozzle/20’ delivery hose package         $ 895.00  

Add a 25’ hose reel to any package for $425


In addition to the above packages, we also have access to many different DEF products. We can talk through your DEF needs and provide the best solution for you.